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When you need to have your machinery, motor vehicles, plant, furniture and property valued, for whatever purpose, why choose a valuation firm who do not have true industrial experience, and know what they know, simply from books at university.

How can they know the value of everything?

The answer is simple, they do not, so they call people like us.

We specialise in providing a professional valuation service covering Europe, USA, Canada, South America, and Asia.

Our expertise, coupled with over 100 years of combined experience, is your guarantee that we know not only the precise values of items on a weekly basis, but we also know the exact current market conditions, which of course determine not only the assets value, but also its saleability, should you or a third party wish to sell it.

This in depth knowledge gives us the edge against other valuation companies, as the values of assets can change rapidly up and down. With the global markets changing daily, you need to select a company who can give you sensible common sense advice.

We provide professional valuation services for banks, finance companies, accountants and major auction houses.

Our service is tailored to suit your specific needs, and the information provided can be in a standard format of 3 specific values per item, or we can adapt this to suit yours, or a third party’s needs.

Time scale wise, this really is dependent on what is involved, size of the task, number of items etc., but we can act fast, if that is what you need, and provide a professional service from the moment you contact us.

Our final report can be provided in a number of languages, including English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Hindi, etc.

Over the years we have carried out many valuations across the world, so wherever you are, we can help.

Call us on +44 (0)1623 651102 for an informal chat, and let us show you, that we really do know what we are doing.



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