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We provide an extensive range of machinery for the injection of both hard and soft ceramic materials. Ceramic Cores are widely used in the Investment Casting Process, and we have a machine in our range to suit exactly what is needed, in order to produce the highest quality ceramic cores. Our specialist field is in the supply of equipment for the injection of ceramic material that uses a wax carrier.

Standard C Frame and 4 Pillar Designs are available, with custom designs also being available to order.

Our Machine Range Covers

C Frame Ceramic Injectors in a Clamp Force Range of:-

6 Ton
20 Ton
35 Ton
50 Ton
75 Ton
100 Ton

4 Pillar Ceramic Injectors in a Clamp Force Range of:-

6 Ton
20 Ton
35 Ton
50 Ton
75 Ton
100 Ton
150 Ton

All our standard ceramic injectors include the following features:-

Logical machine layouts
Consistent reliable performance
Long life injection system seals
Fast simple seal change
Comprehensive operator friendly control systems
Simple to use Die Recipe menus
Worldwide spare parts availability
Full installation and service backup from a world leading supplier
Comprehensive range of "AMC" Annual Maintenance Contracts available
Ability to be interlinked to the Modtech M-ppek data logging and machine monitoring system

A wide range of options are of course available, including:-

Twin Ceramic Holding Tanks
Two Options of Injection Nozzle Closure System
Shuttle Tables
Ceramic Pre Melters
90 Degree Turned Platen Layout
Jib Cranes
Pattern Ejectors
Etc., Etc.

Download our Modtech Ceramic Injectors General Leaflet



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