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Modtech have developed a range of automatic wax production cells. These provide a tailor made solution specific to a customer needs. Our systems are based on proven technology so we have not as they say, re-invented the wheel. The key is integration and the mating of existing Modtech equipment with Kuka Robotics.

The sectors we cater for are:

Turbocharger Wheels

This will often include 2 off Modtech C20 wax injectors with 600mm Maximum Daylight, 250cc Maximum Single Wax Shot Size and Bottom Injection. We integrate with the wax injectors a single Kuka Robot which is used as a Pick and Place and Inspection System. We couple to this twin Modtech Tray Stacker units and then provide the software system to enable the wax cell to operate seamlessly. This provides a compact proven system for making, inspecting and putting into trays a wide range of Turbocharger Wheel Waxes.

Small General Wax Parts

The above system can be adapted for General Small Wax Parts Production. This can entail Side Injection and a larger single shot size, as and if required.


The Modtech KAWAS system is a Specialised Wax Assembly Cell that can be coupled alongside a Modtech Auto Wax Production Cell. This then provides a complete wax manufacturing solution.


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