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Modtech Wax Cell for Small Parts Production (Turbo Wheels etc.) with
2 x Modtech C20 Wax Injectors, Kuka Robot and Tray Stackers

Youtube Videoyoutube.com/watch?v=DEP0SqD-YwI&feature=youtu.be

Modtech C30 Wax Injector with
Hot Swappable Injection System, High Speed Platen Movement and Dual Injection

Youtube Videoyoutube.com/watch?v=SeVAKdLLL24
3 Shell Room Automation (MSM) Youtube Videoyoutu.be/4FHmghBbwS4
4 Modtech Shell Room Automation for Investment Casting (RELY) Youtube Videoyoutu.be/jSGztSeTZEs
5 Modtech Shell Room Automation (general) Youtube Videoyoutu.be/SX7gX0jTLrQ
6 Wax Injection Machine Tending Automation Youtube Videoyoutu.be/jgDyE5c0bFI
7 Wax Pattern Assembly Automation (KAWAS) Youtube Videoyoutu.be/-EKCL5QL7Uw
8 Wax Pattern Assembly Automation (General) Youtube Videoyoutu.be/BCdnJ2zD3zs
9 50 T C Frame Wax Injection Machine with Shuttle Table Youtube Videoyoutu.be/Ua045ed7gS8
10 Robotic Case Packer for FMCG Products Youtube Videoyoutu.be/p3lq9PTZnRk
11 Automatic Case Packer for FMCG Products (Manipulator Based) Youtube Videoyoutu.be/8R5xymsuaQA
12 Machine Tending & Automatic Pelletising of Large Laminates Youtube Videoyoutu.be/4PMNT_GAq60
13 Modtech Machine Tending - Plastic Applications Youtube Videoyoutu.be/QEIFrphd8FY
14 Robotic Machine Tending – CNC Machines Youtube Videoyoutu.be/6-B0KG4wOtc



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