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When you have a Wax or Ceramic Injection Machine that has given good service over the years, that is in need of a rebuild, we can carry out the work, quickly, efficiently and to a very high standard. However worn or damaged an existing machine may be. With the rise in metal prices and general raw material costs, utilising exiting parts, and rebuilding other parts, can provide a cost saving solution as an alternative to buying a new machine.

How much can be saved? Well this depends on how bad an existing machine is when we first get to work on it, but the two case studies listed here, show what can be done.

Usually a complete rebuild can be carried out for between 35% to 50% of equivalent new cost, showing that substantial savings can be made.

Whilst rebuilding a machine, we can convert the control system over to our state of the art Modtech system, which enables a customer to have easy cheap spare parts availability, with full software backup, which we know has become an issue with Tempcraft wax injectors.

If you have not considered rebuilding a machine of this type before, we ask you to give it serious consideration, for, as you can see, we know what we are doing here, and we can also save you a considerable amount of money against buying a new machine.

Case Study One

An MPI wax injector at Birmingham University in the UK, was subject to fire damage.

The machine was purchased by us and sent over to Modtech Machines, who carried out a complete rebuild on the machine. The fire damaged parts, which were considerable, were all replaced and upgraded.

These including replacing most of the electrics, light guards, the hydraulic pump, hydraulic parts, along with various pipes and fittings

The machines wax injection system was overhauled and the control system upgraded to standard Modtech controls, which included the fitting of a B & R PLC and Touch Screen, which includes a die recipe system.

The machines existing parts were also all dismantled and inspected for wear, and then repaired and or replaced as required, finally they were catalogued, thus enabling the customer to buy future spares for this machine from us, in keeping with our policy of being able to maintain any machine we sell.

As you can see from the photos, the before, and after photos show the work carried out, which was substantial.

This shows both the abilities we have to rebuild and upgrade existing wax injection equipment, and also what can be done, however damaged, or worn an existing wax injector may first appear.

Birmingham University MPI Wax Injector Before Being Rebuilt

Birmingham University MPI Wax Injector After Being Rebuilt by Modtech Machines


Case Study Two

A Tempcraft 50 Ton Wax Injector at an existing customer in France was working well, but the customer was very concerned about possible future issues with the machines control system and software. After consultation betwen our engineers and the customer, a complete control system upgrade was implemented, this involved removing the existing machines PLC, Temperature Controls, Pressure Controls,

Flow Controls etc. and replacing them with a Modtech M-ppek system, giving touch screen control over the main machines functions. This also included the addition of a new proportional valve to the wax flow side, giving greater accuracy to the wax flow control, along with the fitment of additional sensors, to give the machine greater setting capability, and more accurate repeatability.

The new Modtech M-ppek controls also featured a die recipe system, with 200 recipies (Expandable) which gave the customer faster machine setting times.

The critical factor in this conversion was minimum machine downtime, and so the machine was handed over to us on a Friday afternoon, and by Monday morning, it was up and working again, with its new control system.

Needless to say, the customer was delighted.

So if you are in a similar situation to this customer, we can offer an economical solution to future proof an existing wax or ceramic injector.

We have also carried upgrades of this type out to a number of plastic injection machines and auto pressure die casting equipment.

Tempcraft 50 Ton Wax Injector Before Control System Update

Tempcraft Wax Injector After Control System Update Showing the New Modtech Touch Screen Control Desk and B & R PLC Unit



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