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We specialise in the supply of equipment and services to the Investment
Casting Industry.


Modtech Wax and Ceramic Injectors

Modtech Shell Room Equipment

Modtech Wax Reclamation Systems

Energy Pack De-Waxing Autoclaves

Magnalenz Induction Furnaces

Indabrator Shot Blasting Equipment

Krishna Techrevol Overhead Cranes and Lifting Equipment

We also stock Used Investment Casting, General Foundry and Engineering

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You can download a PDF copy of our latest stock list here on our site, we stock and sell not only new machinery, but also a wide range of specialist used equipment related to the general investment casting and jewellery manufacturing industries.
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New Modtech Wax Injection Machines
Modtech Wax Reclamation Systems
New Modtech Ceramic Injection Machines
Magnalenz  Induction Furnaces
Indabrator Shot Blasting Equipment
De-Waxing Autoclaves
Krishna Overhead Cranes
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